America’s Ex-Wife


My friend Dave refers to Hillary Clinton as America’s ex-wife. Her press conference yesterday proved him right. The dirty little secret of the Clinton regime is that the press adored Bill Clinton. He was a McDonalds eating, womanizing man whore, who could chit chat on anything, tell a joke that’d make you blush, and then get back to work. And the fraternal press corps loved it.

Hillary, on the other hand, though supposedly adored by those close to her, comes across as the cold hearted ex-wife no one much wants to be around.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Bill Clinton does not use email. (He only uses female) A few hours later, Hillary said he did use email.

She said it was convenient for her to only use one email account and one device. Two weeks ago she said she used both an iPhone and a Blackberry. In fact, anyone savvy enough to go the private server route should be savvy enough to know an iPhone or Blackberry can handle multiple email accounts. In fact, former Secretary of Defense Gate, who served along Hillary Clinton, used one device with multiple email accounts.

Hillary also said the server was someplace protected by the Secret Service. Of course, that mean physical protection. What about the internet connection?

Therein lies the rub. Hillary Clinton clearly decided the rules did not apply to her. Her press conference was a mix of contradictory statements. But regardless of the rules and what Hillary Clinton did or did not delete, the bigger issue is who sniffed out her server and saw the emails. Was anyone watching and will we ever know?

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton all but declared she will not run for President. She clearly did not enjoy it. And the press and public clearly do not enjoy her. She had been a means to an end, i.e. keeping the White House. But now other candidates without the baggage or bags under the eyes are starting to sniff out vulnerabilities.

Hillary Clinton put her own convenience ahead of the national security of the United States. She clearly is too old and inconvenienced to answer a 3 a.m. phone call.

I suspect most Americans will conclude it is time to leave the nation’s ex-wife in the past.

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