This Idea Beats Forced Service to Homosexual Marriage


RedState reader Clifweston wins the internet today with this most excellent idea.

How about a different tactic that doesn’t risk the business owner’s estate? Why not advertise that the proceeds of all same sex marriage sales go to organizations that offend gays and radical feminists, organizations that advocate for and support traditional values, etc.? Thus, Stalinists will themselves funding their opponents and the novelty of their tactics would diminish so that they leave the rest of us alone. In this way those opposed to same sex weddings can go on the offense, advertise openly for same sex wedding customers while revealing where the money goes and not running afoul of fascist office holders in league with the gay activists.

If you live in a state that forces you to provide goods or services to homosexual weddings, let it be know you will donate the proceeds to conversion therapy organizations, the Family Research Council, the Ethics in Religious Liberty Commission, the Alliance Defending Freedom, or some other Christian organization that opposes the homosexual agenda.

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