Unlike a number of other states, Georgia has not prohibited sharia law. I have always been dismissive of it as a fringe issue, but having noticed what is happening in Dearborn, MI and other Islamic enclaves in the nation, it is something we should pay attention to.

Islamic activist groups are not going to state legislatures and demanding they impose sharia law.

What’s actually happening is that they’re going to the local level. On school boards, city councils, and county commissions, Islamic activists are slowly trying to creep sharia law in.

With Georgia having refused to ban sharia law, there is only one way to stop it. That is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (“RFRA”).

Because RFRA applies to state action, in addition to RFRA protecting Christians, Muslims, Jews, and others from state laws that burden their faiths, it would prohibit the state from imposing one religion’s laws on others.

So, for example, in Michigan with a huge population of muslims in Dearborn that are increasingly harassing Christians, the state is on the verge of passing RFRA because it will undermine a lot of policies being pushed in Dearborn.

Essentially, the state will not be allowed to burden your religion unless it has a compelling interest. Because some Islamic activists are trying to subversively install sharia through local government and not the state level, RFRA will protect Christians from those efforts.

At the state level, it will prohibit liberals from trying to force abortion rights demands on Christians.

As you know, I believe Islam and Secularism are both things of this world. That’s why you rarely see gay rights activists attacking the stoning of gays by muslims. The things of this world will tolerate the other things of this world while they both hate the things of Christ.

In fact, it is notable that the gay rights activists who rounded up a bunch of wackadoo lefties claiming to be “Christian” ministers also made sure to get some Islamic support too for opposing RFRA. Islamic activists recognize RFRA will hinder their ability to enact sharia law at the local governmental level.

RFRA provides Christians protections from both local efforts to implement sharia and statewide efforts to force Christians to fund abortions through their small businesses and churches.

State Senator Josh McKoon in Georgia has introduced S.B. 129. I hope it gets passed.