It was refreshing, actually, to move off national subjects and focus on local politics tonight. The whole show was on the state religious liberty legislation and the transportation tax.

By the way, I’m told you guys swamped Senator Cowsert’s phone lines and email. Well done. Hopefully, he got the message.

Below is information on both the religious freedom legislation and on the transportation bill in the House.

Religious Freedom

For those of you interested in the religious freedom legislation, you need to call or email the men below. Tell them (1) oppose the Cowsert Amendment and (2) support S.B. 129 as it is written.

The names and contact info are:

Josh McKoon, Committee Chairman
(404) 463-3931
[email protected]

Bill Cowsert, Committee Vice Chairman
(404) 463-1366
[email protected]

Charlie Bethel, Committee Secretary
(404) 463-1383
[email protected]

Jesse Stone
(404) 463-1314
[email protected]

John Kennedy
(404) 656-7454
[email protected]

William Ligon
(404) 656-0045
[email protected]

Tommie Williams
(404) 656-0089
[email protected]


On the transportation bill, which is pending before the Georgia House of Representatives, you need to follow this link.

The transportation bill is a massive tax hike. It will force local governments to raise taxes. It will raise state taxes. It will force a massive new burden on Georgia families.