‘Living With a Crank Dealer for Meth’


“I was suicidal. I was living with a crank dealer for meth. I hit rock bottom and had no friends. The dealer I was living with got a call from his dealer that he had lost a bunch of money and she was going to send somebody to his house and kill him and everybody that lived in it. So he handed me a shot gun and said “I gotta go take care of some business. Fire first if the door gets kicked in or suffer the consequences.” He left me a pile of dope and I stayed up all night for almost two weeks straight and … I turned the gun on my head three times.”

That’s how musician Vince Lichlyter described his life as a teenager. He had run away from home, lived on the streets of Seattle, then wound up in that situation. But he turned his life around, put his faith in the Lord, and began writing music.

For a time, Vince was in a popular Christian band called Jonah 33. But the band wound down and Vince struck out on his own. Last year, Vince released an EP of four songs. In the music, you can hear bits of his faith and life story. The Alt-Folk-Country vibe he’s adopted as his own works for his story telling.

Vince has started writing new music and I sat down with him earlier this week. To round out the week, I think our conversation strikes a perfect note. You think you’ve got it bad? Vince was waiting to die in a drug dealer’s house. But he found redemption.

You can listen to our conversation, which is the first in a new series I’ll be doing interviewing artists, politicians, and others on what makes them tick.

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