Republicans in the Georgia House of Representatives are pushing a massive tax increase on Georgians.

Essentially, they want to convert the current sales tax in Georgia to an excise tax. That actually makes a ton of sense and I fully support it.

They also want to ensure that 100% of money raised at the gas pump is spent on transportation. I support that too.

Lastly, the want to charge a $200.00 fee to electric vehicles. I support that too. We pay for roads and bridges with a gas tax. Electric vehicles have access to roads and bridges without paying for them. It makes sense.

But here is where the problem is. In converting the sales tax to the excise tax, they also plan to increase it. At current prices, it amounts to a $0.07 cent increase in a gallon of gas. “Wait!,” you say. “That’s it?!?!” You ask that incredulously.

Here’s the catch. The Republicans are structuring the gas tax so that all the money raised at the pump will go to the state. Currently, cities get some, counties get some, and the state gets some. Under the pending plan, 100% of the money will go to the state. They’re considering changing that slightly.

But the net result will be the same. Every city and county in Georgia will be forced to raise new taxes to pay for roads and bridges. They’re operating the same way they are operating with RFRA. Makes sense considering they’re using the Chamber of Commerce play book on both.

With RFRA, they’ll gut it, then pass it and claim to have supported it all along.

With transportation, they’ll pass it knowing it will force massive new taxes, but claim they did not vote for a tax increase.

Go here to find your Georgia state representative. Call him and tell him to oppose this massive new tax increase.

Were they to convert the sales tax to the excise tax at a rate of $0.22 cents or $0.20 cents instead of what they are ultimately proposing, $0.29, it’d be a no brainer. But now they are ensuring a massive tax increase on Georgia families and need to be stopped.

The House is having trouble getting votes already so call now and oppose it.