Transportation and Religious Freedom in Georgia


The Republicans in the Georgia General Assembly are struggling to figure out what to do about transportation.

I think the path for them is rather easy.

Pass the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and suddenly you will find many loud voices against some of your transportation plans will not be so loud. That’s just a fact. For many of us, the RFRA is the singularly most important piece of legislation in the legislature this year.

Governor Deal has signaled his intent to pass it. The only remaining obstacle seems to be David Ralston, the Georgia House Speaker. Ralston will find his difficulties on transportation greatly reduced by getting on board the RFRA.

If they want a compromise on transportation, they need to cut the deal on RFRA and get it passed. Those Chamber of Commerce voices who oppose RFRA are going to have to choose. One path meets the least resistance. If they expect to win on both fronts, they have another thing coming.

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