I have come to terms with having to balance multiple jobs, brands, and presences.

A couple of years ago I had several thousand people sign up for an email list of mine outside of RedState. Then I gave it up. I’ll restart it this week.

Additionally, I’ve got 20,000+ Facebook fans; 125,000+ Twitter followers; 100,000+ personal emails in Mailchimp from my radio show; 3000+ Instagram followers; and then there is Soundcloud, etc.

I need a fan management CRM.

Basically, what I want is a system that will pull in all my followers and fans from all the various sources, let me see visually where they are located if they provided geographic data, then be able to reach back out them via Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp, or SMS (if I have their cell number).

In other words, sort all my fans, tell me where they are, then let me reach out to them via the most convenient method all through one system. So if I am doing a book signing in Des Moines, I’d love to see which fans I have in the area then email, tweet, or post on their Facebook wall that I’ll be there. Sync all that into EventBrite or something and I’m golden.

I thought I’d found such a system, but they did not get off the ground. Every other system I’ve looked at focuses on new people, not existing people, or makes it ridiculously complicated.

Given radio, television, music, art, literature, etc. I suspect someone could make good money at a fan management CRM.