The Cause. Without All the Crap and Spam.


Several years ago I set up an email list for conservative activists. I kept it separate from RedState’s email list because I did not want anyone getting spammed by our then corporate masters.

Sometimes you want to participate in a cause, but you don’t want to get all the crap and spam that comes with giving your email out.

I think it is time to restart this sort of list and you’re welcome to be a part of it. Here’s how it works.

Go here to this link and sign up to be on the list.

Make sure you put your name and state in the fields.

When there is a need for you to take action, I will send an email to the list explaining what needs to be done and why.

It’s not a list for sale. It’s not a list for rent. It’s not a list where you’re going to be harassed by advertisers. It’s just going to be for you to take action so you can be a part of the cause without all the crap and spam.

If you’re interested, go sign up.

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