Conservatives, Sometimes You Need to Blow S**t Up


Several years ago I started an email list for conservative activists. I set it up separately from RedState because, at the time, I did not trust my then corporate masters not to screw it up and start sending stupid crap ads.

Eventually, I had to abandon the effort because the powers that be were convinced I should only work on RedState.

Now, however, I have a radio show and a radio audience. And it includes a separate website and a separate email list. And I think it is time to resurrect the action emails. I’ve been encouraging my radio listeners to sign up for it and you can too.

I cover the cost out of pocket. I ask for donations and may embed an ad in emails to cover the cost. But the list is not for rent. It is not for general advertising. It is not for sale.

This is the email for conservative activists who realize that sometimes you have to blow sh–tuff up.

I will only send an email when you can make a difference. I will provide you the means to participate in the process, the knowledge in order to have an impact, and then encourage you to take action.

If you want to be a part of the effort, sign up here.

If you want to blow stuff up (metaphorically speaking) as a conservative activist, this is for you. Go sign up now.

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