Can We Have a Nonpartisan Serious Moment Here About the Rolling Stone Story?


I, like so many conservatives, have been pretty caustic and sarcastic about the Rolling Stone story. The whole thing has blown up in their face, they are probably and deservedly going to get sued for millions, and Ms. Erdley will probably be out of a job. Or she should be if there is justice in the world of journalism.

The left has again shown that it puts the cause and narrative ahead of the facts.

But there’s a point not getting said that needs to go said. I have no doubt that Sabrina Erdley had a source at the University of Virginia. I have no doubt “Jackie” is real. Jackie’s story is a fabrication or an amalgamation or something.

Somewhere at the University of Virginia is a young lady in serious mental distress. A confluence of events got outside her control, the magazine and journalist who used her story are now blaming her, and I suspect something bad did happen to her at some point. I just don’t know the who, what, where, when, or why and it is now clear Rolling Stone never did either.

But I do know, whatever her name and whatever actually happened to her and whatever is happening now, she’s someone who could use a lot of prayer. So while you and I can find this all schadenfreud-o-licious, we need to remember there is still someone out there with some serious issues, magnified now, who could use God’s help and our prayers.

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