Two years ago, Christy and the kids bought me a professional ice cream machine. When I say professional, I mean it weighs over 70 pounds, has the freezer compressor built in, and churns out two quarts of ice cream every 15 minutes or so. It is wonderful.

I feel compelled to say that I am not a huge ice cream eater, but it has been a wonderful ministry to make ice cream for friends in church, those with new borns, etc. I’ve mastered salted caramel, cookies and cream, peanut butter, and the best chocolate ice cream you will eat.

With the exception of the peanut butter ice cream, which comes from David Lebovitz’s excellent book, the Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones cookbook is hands down the best ice cream cookbook on the market. I have them all — Molly Moon’s, the aforementioned Lebovitz book, Ample Hills, etc., etc., etc.

The only book that I return to regularly is Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones. My family’s and my friends’ favorite ice creams from my kitchen come from that cookbook.

You can order it here from my Amazon store.