Further Thoughts on Interstellar


I previously reviewed Interstellar, but there’s been a lingering reconsideration of points in my head as to why I just couldn’t latch on to it. I did not hate the movie, but I did not necessarily think it was great. It was a good movie I don’t care to see again.

But here’s where I ultimately think the movie left me hollow.

Warning — spoilers.

Leave aside that they were able to build massive spaceships to house humanity, but never thought of doing that until the bitter end. (See this on that)

Leave aside they could build massive spaceships housing humanity, but could not build scrubbers to rid the earth of a fungus.

Leave all those things aside.

They knew before Cooper ever even went into space that there was an intelligence out there who had the power to create an artificial worm hole.

They knew it.

And they showed absolutely zero intellectual curiosity in who these beings might be and why they might be trying to help.


And they had forty years of knowledge that some intelligent beings were trying to help them.

That whole bit is just so ridiculous. But wait . . . there’s more.

After Cooper goes into the black hole and discovers that there are intelligent beings who are helping them, he just simply concludes that they are us and is done with it. There’s nothing more there, despite there clearly being a there, there.

It just leaves us hanging, having opened a frontier the movie never crosses it. There could have been a much richer experience and a more satisfying conclusion instead of a somewhat empty and unsatisfying ending.

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