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The 5 year old needed Dad time this weekend and his mother needed a break from him. Gunnar hovers around Christy as if she might disappear at any moment. She needed to give her undivided attention to making an Indian costume for the 9 year old’s school play.

Gunnar and I went to see Big Hero 6.

I have grown more skeptical of Disney and kids’ movies. Slowly, but surely, I expect them to introduce more and more elements I find inappropriate for my kids.

This is one reason the Disney Channel is no longer allowed in our house. They’ve made the kids androgynous as if gender does not matter, but the default is toward the feminine. So boys have no role models and girls get awfully confused about the boundaries with boys.

Soon too I expect there’ll be first graders with crushes on other first graders of the same sex. You and I both know it is coming.

So it was with some trepidation that I took the 5 year old to see Big Hero 6 without having seen it first.

It was terrific fun. I recommend it.

The story is of a boy who has lost his family. His parents are dead as the story starts. Within the first third of the movie he loses his older brother. In the process, he draws on inner strength and wicked smarts to save his city and avenge his brother’s death.

I was not familiar with the Marvel comic, but once Stan Lee got his cameo I remembered it was a Marvel comic. I know nothing about it. But Gunnar and I enjoyed the movie.

He sat in my lap. There were a few intense scenes and some scenes he could not understand as a kid. But there were jokes he laughed at and plenty I laughed at as an adult.

The robot hero was designed in such a way as to be unique. He was not a Johnny 5 type robot like Wall-E. He was not a droid. He was a huggable marshmallow. In fact, there was a display of the robot in the theater lobby. After the movie, Gunnar wanted to go hug it.

I recommend going to see it. It’s family friendly, probably won’t offend your moral sensors, but will have you saying “FA LA LA LA LA” often. You’ll have to see the movie to find out way.

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