For six years we have heard “Republicans cannot win in New England,” which was usually a line used in connection with “Republicans are a regional party of the South.” Not exactly:

“Democrats suffered especially painful defeats in the Northeast, a region that’s been favorable to them in recent years but that broke away from several of their candidates this time. Democrats lost three seats in New York and one seat each in Maine and New Hampshire. Two years ago in the Maine district, Obama won 53 percent of the vote; this year, the Democratic congressional candidate, Emily Cain, received 42 percent.”

The GOP gained congressional seats in California, Nevada, and Illinois in districts won by the President just two years ago. The losses are really staggering. Certainly the pendulum will swing back to the Democrats, but none of us on either side of the aisle really expected what happened.

Take into account state, county, and municipal offices too and we’re looking at 1896 level gains by the GOP, something that happened in 2010 and few expected to happen again.