The media has spent far more time obsessing over the Kochs than they have To, Steyer. Steyer is an environmental activist billionaire who has been doing his best to buy candidates and swing the election for Democrats.

But it is not just that.

Consider 2012 and Todd Akin. Every candidate after Akin had to be asked about Akin’s remarks. Every candidate was compared to Akin. Every candidate was forced to own Akin’s remarks.

In South Carolina, Gov. Nikki Haley’s Democrat opponent Vincent Sheheen called Gov. Haley a whore. He clearly did it on purpose then “corrected” himself by saying “her”. The crowd got it and laughed much in the same way Barack Obama says things about the GOP then touches his nose or eye with his middle finger.

The media stayed mum.

In Texas, Wendy Davis and her surrogates have mocked Greg Abbott on the campaign trail for a year over being in a wheelchair. They have run ads mocking him. Then after mocking him, they’ve photoshopped him standing up.

The media stayed mum.

The media has spent more time asking the Abbott campaign and other Republicans what they think of me calling Davis “Abortion Barbie” than they have asking Democrats what they think of Sheheen and Davis.

It is just further evidence that the media is not neutral, but are the pet concubines of the Democratic Party.