No, Michelle Nunn is not suddenly ahead of David Perdue.

Truth be told, polling in Georgia is terrible. The bulk of the polling has been done by political consulting shops that are trying to diversify and have suddenly become pollsters. Most all the polling has been bad.

Historically, SurveyUSA has been used as an outside pollster and its polling has always managed to capture trends, but I don’t think it has ever captured good percentages. The trend in Georgia is a close race for a lot of reasons beyond demographics. Demographics, however, is all anyone ever hears about.

But, the Real Clear Politics average has Perdue with a two point lead. All the polls have had Perdue ahead except the last two.

Of note on the SurveyUSA poll, it has the smallest sample of recent polls and, more importantly, was conducted over a weekend. Those polls tend to favor the Democrat. The SurveyUSA trend is that the race is tight. That, I think, is true. But I don’t find the number to be credible and think everyone should rely on the average.

Republicans still have one advantage in Georgia in a tight race — they have a better on the ground operation that the Democrats who are still rebuilding after years of disaster.

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