As I mentioned in my Gotham review, I have been eagerly anticipating the Flash’s debut on the CW since they first laid the groundwork in last season’s Arrow (also a good show).

I have to say I was more impressed with the CW’s Flash than I was with Gotham. While I like Gotham, I think it was just too dark. The Flash was fun.

Back when Arrow first premiered now three years ago on the CW, I was actually rather shocked in the first couple of episodes by how bad a lot of the acting was. It was stiff stuff. But I gave the show a chance and everything, from acting to special effects, improved.

The Flash, out of the gate, does not strike me as being as rough a cut as Arrow was first. The acting, out of the gate, was sharper and the effects more polished. The casting is good. It already has the usual CW soap-opera-ness that I loathe. I’m tired of these long and drawn out plot twists in Arrow and I expect to be tired of them in the Flash too.

But overall I found it highly enjoyable, fun, and did a better job of balancing the darkness with some humor, unlike Gotham. It’s a show that doesn’t leave you depressed after watching it. I recommend it.