This is horrifying. Nurses at the Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas have gone public, without use of their names, to document the situation when Eric Thomas Duncan returned a second time to the hospital.

The hospital response was to delay rapidly moving Duncan into isolation. The nurses who dealt with him were not in heavy protective gear, unlike what the hospital claimed.

It seems the hospital was in denial about what was going on. So many public health officials, and the President, had denied Ebola would ever come to the United States, when it did arrive people wanted to bury their head in the sand.

Sadly, there will be a lot of people who read this article and their first reaction will be that we need more money to deal with the problem. More money does not overcome denial. If you think it does, you need to go read this.

More money is not the answer. At this point, the horses are out of the barn and we need some better engagement from the people already on the issue.