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Jerry Moran, Republican Senator of Kansas, has managed to assemble the human equivalent of Mitt Romney’s Project ORCA. The National Republican Senatorial Committee is, for all intents and purposes, a beached whale waiting to explode and hurl its detritus all over America. I just did not think Moran and his team at the NRSC could be more stupid than they have already proven themselves. But, in fact, they have outdone themselves and today prove themselves the stupidest political organization in America, surpassing even Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Mitch McConnell should be so proud of Josh Holmes, who he has helping Moran at the NRSC. The latest case in point is perhaps the most eye rolling of all.

Moran’s morons have pitched a story to the national press that they are saving Pat Roberts’ campaign in Kansas. According to Moran’s morons, as dutifully reported by David Drucker in the Washington Examiner,

When Roberts’ new team took over his foundering campaign three weeks ago, they discovered an operation that hadn’t ordered any yard signs and a headquarters that didn’t have a computer printer or its own Internet service. Those problems were quickly rectified, and now Roberts is working closely with the Kansas GOP to build a ground game and integrate it with that of Gov. Sam Brownback, who also is in a dogfight but was more prepared.

Got that? The Roberts’ campaign office three weeks ago had no printer. It had no internet connection. Three weeks ago is the key time frame. Got that?

The Wall Street Journal points out the problem. On August 5, 2014, the Politico dutifully reported

The NRSC sent six workers to the Kansas City area for the final 10 days, and they knocked on more than 10,000 doors in Johnson County alone, a party official said. A Washington phone bank set up by the NRSC also made more than 40,000 phone calls in the final three weeks.

Emphasis added.

Are we really, really, really to believe that the NRSC showed up on the ground in Kansas ten days before the primary and never realized Pat Roberts’s campaign had no printer, no internet connection, and no pulse? We are really to believe they only found that out three weeks ago?

Really? The Politico story also notes this:

Largely overlooked in the race was the fact that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is chaired by Roberts’ Kansas colleague, Sen. Jerry Moran, whom some far-right activists have threatened with a 2016 primary challenge. That made a win for the incumbent even more personal.

But they only just found out about the dysfunctional office? Riiiigggghhhhhttttttt.

Take that story, the fact the NRSC’s Communications Director is attacking conservative and Christian organizations, the NRSC’s Mississippi strategy involved painting the GOP base as racist, and now add Jerry Moran’s latest moronic lament to the Washington Post.

According to the Moron-In-Chief at the NRSC, donors are not giving to NRSC because Mitt Romney lost.

“When I started the attempt to raise money for our candidates — or for races even before we had candidates — it was hard to get Republican donors to get out the checkbook,” said Moran. “They had been through election cycles before in which we didn’t have the success that people thought we should and Governor Romney did not get elected president.”

Maybe donors just are not willing to hitch their wagon to a clown car that will back fire on them.

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