Jason Carter maintains a 41% rating from the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Carter wants to increase state spending on transportation and make it a top priority.

He wants to raid the State of Georgia’s budgetary reserves to boost education spending by $1 billion. He wants to sustain that billion dollar increase over the next five years for a $5 billion increase. That exceeds our budgetary reserves. He won’t say where he’d get additional funding to pay for the budget increase.

And now Carter is calling himself a “fiscal conservative”. Seriously. The guy who wants to spend $1 billion next year, wiping out budgetary reserves in the process, and who wants to expand medicaid in Georgia thinks he is a fiscal conservative.

If he is a fiscal conservative, I sure would hate to see what a fiscal progressive/liberal is.

But I do think the progressives know what a fiscal progressive is. They’re all supporting Jason Carter.