Tonight, after my radio show, three dozen people are going to sample my bourbon collection for a good cause.

Back during the telethon for Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta, I auctioned off opportunities for couples to hang out with me, tour WSB, and drink from my collection. In exchange, they each contributed $500.00 to fight childhood cancers.

I’ve got a great stash of bourbons and threw in a few bottles of good scotch. I have each of the Orphan Barrel releases, a bottle of Jefferson Reserve 21 year old (my personal favorite), and 15 other varieties from Bookers to Rowan’s Creek.

A normal bourbon tasting has three or four from the same family. Tonight, We’ve got three or four from each of 5 families of bourbon. It should be an awesome time and it is for an awesome cause.

The bourbon comes with several Boston butts smoked at Bone Lick Barbecue. I was going to do it, but the weather didn’t cooperate. But the food should be great.

I’ll do it again next year as part of the Telethon, so you have till next July to save up.