What an awesome trip


Headed back home today from New York. I’m sitting in the airport. This is one for the memories.

Yesterday, I got to hang out with Glenn Beck in his studio in the morning. Then I had lunch with Joe Scarborough. Lastly, I was on Hannity last night.

It was terrific and very productive. I also managed to wander through Central Park all afternoon just enjoying the very cool, fine day.

God is Good.

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  • You need to tell Mr. Hannity to drop the Playboy bunnies. We watch FOX every night, and we were disgusted by her idiocy, even though she appeared to fit the FOX blonde babe commentater mold. I wonder what Megyn (and Lis, and the others) think of her? And you should have been offended, as Beckel was, that you were asked to participate in such a grotesquerie. Is that a word?

  • Decades ago I went to DC every month for 7 years for a EIA morning meeting. 75 trips to every museum and monument. Then a mad dash to catch the red eye from National.
    Always take time to smell and see the roses.
    I met hundreds of fine people doing the exact same thing.

  • Who was the woman on the panel with you last night? Hannity made a good point when he started asking her about what she considered to be civil rights. She thought health care was a right, and food is a right, and housing is a right.

    I think it’s time for conservatives to crush that argument. If I have a right to health care, then the government plan infringes upon that right, because it’s taking money away from me, money that I could use to purchase better care.

    The GOP responds to this insanity by calling for a “Seniors Bill of Rights”. Thanks, Mr. Steele.

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