A Pleasant Surprise


Having expected it to be another disaster, I am pleasantly surprised by my home’s new tax value.

This year’s property assessment notices may be about as welcome as visiting in-laws, but like in-laws, they don’t need an invitation.

New Bibb County property values are headed to your mailbox any day now, if they haven’t already arrived. Assessment notices were mailed Friday.

The assessed value has barely moved from what it was in 2001.

Put it to you this way, when they did the flawed valuation a couple of years ago, the jump was in excess of $50,000.00. The re-evaluated increase is only a few thousand.

I certainly won’t be appealing.

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  • Perhaps you should also look at the property values of the houses surrounding you. I find it odd that the empty house down the street with the horrible looking yard and broken down pool increased by a rather large amount for the shape it is in. In addition, the houses across the street from you lost value. This does not bode well for our neighborhood. There is no equity across the board for there to be such a large discrepancy.

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