For Mother’s Day


When I was in New York this past week for Hannity, I stumbled into a rare books store to get out of a pending rain storm.

I wanted to get Christy something unique for Mother’s Day that no one else would be getting. I decided I’d check the book store to see if they had an old knitting book or something neat.

There I found her gift. It was a hand bound 1st edition copy of the Complete Works of Longfellow published around 1880. It was definitely published before 1882 because Longfellow died in 1882 and the notes in the book both refer to him in the present tense and thank him for his assistance in preparing the book.

It is gorgeous. They just don’t produce books like that anymore except from places like the Folio Society of London.

She definitely wasn’t expecting that, but I think she was kinda sorta impressed.

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