Who Else Should Be Honored?


Macon’s City Council will be considering a resolution to make Barack Obama an honorary member of Macon’s City Council.

Who else? Let me know. I’ll be filing amendments.

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  • I would say add:

    Those who signed the Declaration of Independence:

    FROM Georgia: • Button Gwinnett • Lyman Hall • George Walton

    Also, other signers:

    • George Read • Caesar Rodney • Thomas McKean • George Clymer
    • Benjamin Franklin • Robert Morris • John Morton • Benjamin Rush
    • George Ross • James Smith • James Wilson • George Taylor
    • John Adams • Samuel Adams • John Hancock • Robert Treat Paine
    • Elbridge Gerry • Josiah Bartlett • William Whipple • Matthew Thornton
    • Stephen Hopkins • William Ellery • Lewis Morris • Philip Livingston
    • Francis Lewis • William Floyd • Richard Henry Lee
    • Francis Lightfoot Lee • Carter Braxton • Benjamin Harrison • Thomas Jefferson
    • George Wythe • Thomas Nelson, Jr. • William Hooper • John Penn
    • Joseph Hewes • Edward Rutledge • Arthur Middleton • Thomas Lynch, Jr.
    • Thomas Heyward, Jr. • Abraham Clark • John Hart • Francis Hopkinson
    • Richard Stockton • John Witherspoon • Samuel Huntington
    • Roger Sherman • William Williams • Oliver Wolcott • Charles Carroll
    • Samuel Chase • Thomas Stone • William Paca

    Those who signed the Constitution of the United States of America:

    Few, William, GA
    Baldwin, Abraham, GA

    Washington, George, VA
    Franklin, Benjamin, PA
    Madison, James, VA
    Hamilton, Alexander, NY
    Morris, Gouverneur, PA
    Morris, Robert, PA
    Wilson, James, PA
    Pinckney, Chas. Cotesworth, SC
    Pinckney, Chas, SC
    Rutledge, John, SC
    Butler, Pierce, SC
    Sherman, Roger, CT
    Johnson, William Samuel, CT
    McHenry, James, MD
    Read, George, DE
    Bassett, Richard, DE
    Spaight, Richard Dobbs, NC
    Blount, William, NC
    Williamson, Hugh, NC
    Jenifer, Daniel of St. Thomas, MD
    King, Rufus, MA
    Gorham, Nathaniel, MA
    Dayton, Jonathan, NJ
    Carroll, Daniel, MD
    Langdon, John, NH
    Gilman, Nicholas, NH
    Livingston, William, NJ
    Paterson, William, NJ
    Mifflin, Thomas, PA
    Clymer, George, PA
    FitzSimons, Thomas, PA
    Ingersoll, Jared, PA
    Bedford, Gunning, Jr., DE
    Brearley, David, NJ
    Dickinson, John, DE
    Blair, John, VA
    Broom, Jacob, DE
    Jackson, William, Secretary

    Also, President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy Reagan.

    And last but not least – this will really upset them:

    President G.W. Bush and VP Dick Cheney ; )

    I like the suggestion of Ted Nugent too – he did an awesome job with the Texas TEA party with Glen Beck (I was in Atlanta but watched Beck’s rerun on Fox News)

    Oh yeah and speaking of Texas why not add Gov. Perry. Speaking of Governors add Gov. Sarah Palin ; )

    By the way check out my letter to the editor in the local paper about the CIA and Cheney and Pelosi and “CHANGE”:

  • Jeff, in principle I agree with you, but in my experience on council, the only way to enforce the point about frivolous absurdities is to highlight it. And the best way to highlight it is to stack that resolution full of amendments to show what will happen if we keep going down this road.

  • before anyone gets into the subject of nominating people, how about answering why YOU and Councilwoman Lucas are wasting taxpayers money with this nonsense ???

    A few weeks ago I watch CSPAN specifically to hear several Congresspeople talking about the FairTax. While awaiting their start, I heard one Congressman from Georgia reading into the record a commendation of a woman’s high school team that won something or other. I can’t believe we pay YOU politicians to waste our money on things like that.

    I run a successful business – there is little waste and little business time not devoted to business. When I’m on the phone with vendors, for example UPS answering a question for me, I always end the call with the rep “on your own time check out justpaperroses.com and see what we do”. I do NOT want people checking us out on their employer’s time (even though most do). If YOU and Councilwoman Lucas were on my payroll I would tell you “at home, on your own time if you want to write a letter to anyone commending them for anything, then feel free to do so, but when you are on company time STOP WASTING MY MONEY!”

    Even if YOU agree with me, if you wrote “Feeling good no substitute” in the Macon paper on taxpayer’s time, you too are guilty of wasting money.

    Now, get to work…

  • Nominate Marilyn Chambers posthumously. Also Ron Jeremy,Xaviera Hollander,Ted Nugent,Gene Simmons,Iggy Pop,Lemmy Kilmeister,Rob Halford,Lisa Ann Taylor,John Cornetta,Jack Galardi,Bruce Dickinson,Robert Plant and Jimmy Page,Steven Tyler and Joe Perry,The Ramones,Skynyrd,Lita Ford,Pat Benatar,Ronnie James Dio,Ozzy Osbourne,Van Halen,Kiss,ZZ Top,The Allman Brothers Band,Scorpions,Metallica,Megadeath,Slayer,Anthrax,Cinderella,Motley Crue,Ayn Rand,and The Libertarian Party.

  • I nominate Andrew Silver, the Mercer professor who organizes the fight against sex trafficking right here in Macon. I also nominate Richard Wilson, another Mercer professor, along with all of the members of the First Baptist Church of Christ in Macon, whose tireless efforts in Liberia have helped The Ricks Institute become a beacon of hope in a war-torn land.

    While we’re at it (you did say you wanted ten names a week), I’d love some posthumous recognition for Georgia’s own John Birch. Sure, he was a little crazy, but no less admirable for it. Also, if Duane and Greg Allman have been passed over until now, that needs to be remedied. Recognition for Jimmy Carter is long overdue, if you ask me, so go ahead and throw him on there. Ooh! And Ron Paul! Definitely Ron Paul!

  • I wanna be an honorary member. Add me. What are my qualifications? I work for a living, and I actually live in the Middle Georgia area. Can I be in charge of purchasing the $4 pens???

  • Why not nominate Michelle Obama, Sasha Obama, Malia Obama and BO Obama (The dog), his sex offender brother, and his illegal alien aunt. As long as the name Obama is after it, i’m sure they’ll vote them in. And then you’ll have 2 kids, a dog, a sex offender, and an illegal alien as honorary members on your city council.

  • Erick

    I know the precedent has been set to change street names to honor people. I believe a better way to honor both Elaine Lucas and the President would be to amend the resolution to change the name of the Street Elaine lives on to Obama Way.

    If that doesn’t work then we need to Honor Justice Clarence Thomas who has the benefit of actually being from Georgia. Quickly followed by President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for making the election of President Obama possible.

    After that is done maybe City Council could focus on reducing costs during this recession.


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