Ashley Biden is a Cokehead. So was Barack Obama. Big Deal


By now you’ve all heard that Ashley Biden is a cokehead . . . or at least was caught on video snorting coke. Just like Barack Obama.

In the process of writing about the Vice President’s daughter, the media just can’t help drag Barbara and Jenna Bush into this or Bristol Palin.

Let’s catch up:

Barbara and Jenna were underage drinkers. Their father allegedly snorted cocaine, but there has neither been a videotape nor an admission of such actions — that hasn’t kept the left/media from speculating.

The bottom line, though, is this: Ashley Biden is a private citizen. As are Barbara and Jenna Bush. As is Bristol Palin.

The fixation on this and those stories says more about the media than it does about the individuals, who I’m sure have problems of one sort or another shared by many, many Americans.

What is more troubling is how the media has sought to use the Ashley Biden story to transition back into Palin bashing and Bush bashing, none of whom are on the national stage anymore.

If the media wants to use the “everybody does it” story line they love, perhaps they should instead focus on Barack Obama, who admits to snorting coke.

But more preferably, perhaps the media should drop it altogether. Ashley Biden never asked to be in the national spotlight. Neither did Barbara nor Jenna Bush. Neither did Bristol Palin whose exposure on the national stage was probably more brutal than the treatment of any of the others I’ve mentioned and is still ongoing.

It is a tragedy, but not a national tragedy. The media would have us believe it is a national tragedy, but only to sell more ads, sell more papers, and trash George Bush and Sarah Palin some more — cowardly using their children as proxies.

But let me take this opportunity to remind you of one important thing the media prefers not to talk about: for all the accusations without evidence against George Bush, we know for certain Barack Obama snorted coke. Just like Joe Biden’s daughter.

Do we really want to turn this into a big story?

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  • Why quickly lessen her crime by bring others into it. She is a coke head, but look who her daddy is.

  • it is interesting that we never hear about of any of the medias’ kids or relatives and what bad or immoral things they’re up to until they crash, one way or the other. Do you suppose they are screechy clean? I rather doubt it. But as the old saying goes “what goes around, comes around.” All the media will be held accountable One Day for their words as will we all, but those who are “in Christ” have Him as our Mediator, so “we do not grieve as others do”.

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