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I have been doing a daily bible reading for a while. It resets at the first of the year. You’ll read the Old Testament once and the Psalms and New Testament twice.

If it’s something you might be interested in, go here:

You can also get it downloaded as an .ical file and put on your calendar, which I do for when I’m traveling.

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  • Dating the chapters and leaving simple comments as Mother did in the margins, birth dates, marriage dates, death dates, historic events, weather on that day leaves a nice memory. It has always amazed me how when reading Psalm 29 that talks about “flashes of lightning” and “twisting the oaks” and other words about stormy weather, I have read that particular Psalm during a time of stormy weather. God does work in mysterious ways. One other thing about reading the Psalms: instead of always thinking of King David’s thinking and writing the words, think of our Lord thinking them. God gave the words to King David and the other writers of the Psalms as with the other books in the Bible. And the enemies mentioned, even though they were King David’s, think of them as similar to Jesus’ enemies and then also as our own, i.e., the world, our flesh & the Devil and his demons.

  • I already left you a comment over at Red State so I won’t be redundant beyond I think it is great to know you are reading through the same plan.

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