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The Atlanta Journal Constitution has a profile of RedState and me. I went out and got a dead tree version of the paper and was surprised to find it on the front page.

In the coming debate over what a reformed and revived Republican Party should look like, one of the most influential voices from Georgia won’t belong to a governor, a congressman or a U.S. senator.

It will come from a 33-year-old former attorney, hunched over a keyboard in his Macon home, or tapping out his essays from the confines of a local coffeehouse on the edge of Mercer University.

Erick Erickson is editor-in-chief and the only paid employee of the 4-year-old conservative Web site RedState.com. He remains a near-stranger to Republicans who make up the grassroots, grits-and-eggs gatherings in Georgia.

But via the Internet, Erickson and his band of 20 volunteer contributors from across the country have become an essential, beyond-the-Beltway sounding board for a GOP that, nationally, has suffered a generational defeat at the hands of President-elect Barack Obama and his tech-savvy, Democratic army.

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  • I always knew that you’d be the VOICE behind what was true and important in the world. Once again, Im proud of you and happy that you are doing what you have always loved! Happy New Year Erickson’s.

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