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The Newsweek profile. The first line has a typo — my last name. Heh. It’s supposedly only online, so it should be easy to fix.

An excerpt:

After suffering demoralizing losses in the Nov. 4 election, the GOP is searching for new voices to spur a comeback. But the party’s right wing tends to distrust anyone who’s too comfortable inside the Beltway, which is partly why Erickson—White House visits aside—has built such a following. The worldwide headquarters of his is a sleepy coffee shop in Macon, Ga., 700 miles from Washington. They must brew a strong cup of joe there, because from his remote perch, Erickson has grabbed his party’s power brokers by their elephant-stitched suspenders. Avid readers include Rush Limbaugh, former senator Fred Thompson and House Minority Leader John Boehner. When rising GOP star Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia decided to run for minority whip, the party’s No. 2 post in the House, he announced it on Red State. When Thompson wanted to share that he’d had a bout with cancer but was now in remission, he posted a personal note on Red State.

The article hits newsstands on Monday.

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  • I finally snagged a copy. It took an act of Congress, Walmart doesn’t carry anything intelligent like Newsweek. I took it down for Thanksgiving and Papa was so proud that he showed everyone who walked in the door.

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