Water Boarding and Chocolate Milk


Washing Evelyn’s hair is the equivalent of waterboarding her in her mind.

After the water boarding tonight, she demanded chocolate milk, which I readily obliged.

I then went downstairs leaving her to her own devices in the bathtub only to hear a very dramatic flailing in the tub and then silence.

I jumped up and called out to her to see if she was okay and only heard what was best described as some sort of moan.

I called out again and got an “uh-huh” but it was muffled.

So I ran upstairs to make sure she was okay.

She was laying back in the tub with the sippy cup of chocolate milk balanced on her face, sucking it down as quickly as possible. She popped right up, took the tip of the cup out of her mouth and said, “Oh daddy this is so good.”

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  • Erick,
    I love your Evelyn stories! Since I never got my little girl, I have to live those stories thru you and I enjoy them so much. I just have to met her someday when we are all down at the same time. We will be down the whole week of Thanksgiving. If you will let us know when ya’ll will be visiting, we will try to arrange it, if only for a few hours, Gerald has so much politics to talk about to someone who will listen. LOL. Love you all.

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