Why Superman Doesn’t Fly at Night


Evelyn has discovered the old Super Friends cartoon with Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, along with Melvin, Wendy, and Wonder Dog. This is the original seventies cartoon, not the updated version in the eighties with Hawk Man, the Wonder Twins, etc.

Anyway, we watched the Super Friends tonight before bed time. Christy had Bible Study in the other room. Evelyn and I curled up in bed with the laptop, iTunes, and the Super Friends purchased from Apple.

When I told her it wast time for bed, we headed upstairs without complaint to get her ready. After we’d said prayers, we had this conversation:

EVELYN: Daddy, we go outside now and look for the super guys?

ME: No sweetheart, it’s bedtime.

EVELYN: But Daddy, I bet Super Man is outside with all those super guys. Let’s get a flashlight and go find him.

ME: No sweetheart, it’s bedtime.


ME: Because it’s dark. And besides, Super Man doesn’t fly at night. It’s too dark for him.


ME: Because it’s dark and he might get sucked up in a jet engine if no one can see him flying.

EVELYN: Oh, okay. Night, night Daddy. We go find the super guys tomorrow morning, ok?

ME: Okay.

Kids are awesome.

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  • Thanks for making me smile!

    Evie seems to be smart as a whip like her parents. While I checking in with RedState when I can, I always enjoy these stories so much more. If only you could harness Evelyn’s cuteness for energy…we could supply the world!


  • Kids are so gullible! Its funny what they buy, isn’t it. We used to get the boys to come in at night by telling them that Dinosaurs come out when we turn the porch light on and that their favorite treat was kids. Then they went to school and learned that dinosaurs was extinct, so we have had to use bigfoot, the mothman, and other things that can’t be proven but continue to be sighted. LOL. Tell the family hi for me.

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