The E-Bay Line


That is what will resonate after people have forgotten the rest of the speech.

Yes, Sarah Palin sold the governor’s private jet. She put it on Ebay.

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  • She didn’t say she sold it on EBAY for a profit McCain did.

    Let me be clear I think she did the right thing selling the jet as she did. It saved a lot of money. Creating a more elaborate inaccurate story as to how it was sold and the price hurts us in the long run.

    It’d be like your child coming home from a track meet saying they won First Place and beat the state record for that race. You’d be very proud. Now if you found out they did win first but didn’t beat the record and they knew that when they told you it makes the child look bad. I feel this is a similar situation.

    Falsely embellishing the plane sale merely makes us look worse.

  • Actually, in her speech, Palin said she “put it on eBay”. She never said she sold it there.

    Where did you see that she said she sold it there and for profit?

  • Mr.C I agree with you. It was a good thing to sell it, no matter how it was sold. It’s a bad thing to not be honest about how it was sold. To say it was sold ON ebay and for a profit, as has been done, is not only not honest but it hurts future credibility.

  • So what if it didn’t sell on eBay. Untold millions of items have gone unsold there. And so what if it sold for a loss. An airplane is not an investment fund. They depreciate, just like automobiles.

    Besides, the State of Alaska was paying close to $21,000 a month in payments on that plane. That figure doesn’t include the costs of actually flying it. They had already paid about $1.25 million on it and still owed $2.5 million. If they sold it for a $500k loss, they still were able to put $750,000 back into the state coffers.

    The way I see it, by selling it, even at a “loss”, she’s saved the state a couple of million, at least.

  • She put it on Ebay but she failed to sell it. She eventually sold it privately for a loss of over half a million dollars.

    Getting rid of the plane is laudable not being honest that the ebay trick failed and that it was sold for a loss is not what my party should be doing. Be the party of ideas not spin. Be honest, be straightforward don’t do… this.

  • Senator McCain definitely made the right choice. Now watch the smear machine begin. They choked on the allegations of the child. Then they choked on the alleged affair, now they are going after her church. Amazing gutter rats.

    The problem is, it is all backfiring! I watched the talk she gave at her home church. It was an honest straightforward request. Apparently, the left believes we evangelical Christians are a bunch of loonies. What they don’t seem to understand is that without the Church, society is doomed.

    When any sort of calamity falls everyone runs to their local house of worship. We loonies are the glue that keep things together, who feed your hungry kids who because of their inept policies go hungry. Instead of bashing Gov. Palin, they ought to be thanking her.

    I don’t believe there is any one candidate that I have been more excited about in my 25 years helping politicians. This one is for real and one of us.

    Games on!

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