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Just got to watch Sarah Palin prepping her floor appearance tonight. She looks confident. It should be great.

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  • I’ve seen that link posted in a couple of places. Unfortunatly, where I am currently at, I can’t stream Comedy Central vids. Do you know where there is a transcript or something? Interested to see what it says as I enjoy Stewart ever since his night on Crossfire.

    I agree with your statement about ” when our side didn’t and we said they did anyway it diminishes our credibility.” But based on the twitter from her Speech, she’d done something, for better or worse, that is made of Awesome.

    Exit Observation…Because she’s made so much of Obama’s experience, I find it interesting that this race has now turned into Obama vs. Palin instead of Obama vs. McCain. No doubt it helps keeping him out of the spotlight. But we will have to see how his speech tonight goes.

    My guess? Obama wins his debates with McCain, Palin draws even with Biden in theirs and it’s PUMAtastic at the end for McCain/Palin by 2%.

    And yes, I understand that by looking at my blog that it would seem I am in the tank for McCain/Palin, but I am not voting for them…consider my vote along the line of Brewster’s Millions…

  • She did, I agree. But for all the times when our side didn’t and we said they did anyway it diminishes our credibility.

  • Um, Arg…you must not be a Cubs fan…regardless of how well they do, we still say they suck and that they will blow it in the end.

    Being a fan doesn’t always guarantee an abject spinning of performance. Quite the opposite. It demands results.

    And she delivered last night.

  • Even if she wasn’t great, or even good, you’d just say she was anyway. A fan always loves their team even when they don’t do well. We can reliably expect the same from our partisan commentators, of either persuasion.

    But the Choirs like the same old tired tune so let the band play on and on and on.

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