For Your Own Sake, Stop the Jesus to Obama Comparisons


Being a partisan, I want to win this election. And I think you lefties have come upon a winning strategy to help us do it. The whole “Jesus is to Obama as Pontius Pilate is to Sarah Palin” analogy will do nothing but inflame the senses of the evangelical community, others who recognize the offensiveness of the statement, and the edge of voters needed to push John McCain toward victory.

So for Republican victory, keep saying it.

But the greater part of me must encourage you on the left to desist from this statement. Should you buy into this, I think you endanger your eternity because you blaspheme the Lord.

Jesus was not a community organizer. By training on Earth he was a carpenter. By design before the world began he is the Son of God and Truth itself.

You all on the left tend to get bogged down in moral relativism — the whole idea that what is right for me may not be right for you; truth to many of you is fungible. Truth, of course, is in no way fungible. We may, on both sides of the aisle, conveniently avert our eyes now and then to the Truth, but it remains.

To say that Christ is a community organizer demeans the Savior of mankind and denies Him for who He is. Saul Alinsky, the man who, to quote Wikipedia, “is often credited with laying the foundation for the grassroots political organizing that dominated the 1960s” dedicated his book that started the community organizer fad to Lucifer — “the very first radical.” Lucifer was a community organizer in he Alinsky model. Lucifer convinced Adam and Eve of a reality not quite real and caused the world’s problems.

That is what a community organizer does. He convinces people that a problem barely perceived is very real and incites the community to fix the problem — no matter that the problem may be nonexistent or, if existent, a small matter. That is why Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer.

Christ organized no community but Heaven’s own. To say Christ is a community organizer treads to near comparing Him to Satan. To equate Him to Barack Obama is offensive and it is at its base blasphemous. Blasphemy is the eternal, unforgivable sin.

You continue this analogy at your peril and at my political victory. But your soul is far more important than any political victory. So I suggest you stop. And if this post just emboldens you to make the comparison even more, you are most likely already lost.

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  • i believe its obama destiny to be president. God raises one up, and he put one down.

    Well yeah, we do have to get to the anti-Christ before Christ himself comes back.


  • I am apalled at the behavior of the church of Jesus Christ. When the leaders say that Pallin, was a good choice for vice president.Good has turned into bad. God is looking at everyone’s heart. That lady is out of order. Her family will pay for this greed and want of power at all cost. It is not what you say, but what you do. I am not for gay marriages, or abortion but i believe its obama destiny to be president. God raises one up, and he put one down. So I am voting my heart but God will choose His candidate.

  • I am a black conservative Christian Republican voter. I have help elect 3 R3publican Presidents. Howevever, this time around I am voting Barack Obama, because its more than anti abortion,or gays. It’s about the character of the person running. I have watched Obama in extreme pressure. He has turned the other cheek, he has taken unfair, abuse from the press and from some of his party members. I f there was any thing that could be found about Obama, believe me the press would have found it.

  • ….”Then the “McCain is internet illiterate” offends both the illiterate and the elderly in one swoop.”

    rebelyid, you can also include the physically challenged since using a computer for any length of time is “painful” for Mccain due to pow injuries.

  • Kudos on obvious flaw in the analogy.

    This is where panic infects the Obama campaign. The smugness looks for intellectual gotchas, oblivious to the offensiveness they incurr.

    First the “lipstick on a pig” offends what is left of the uncommitted women.

    Then the “McCain is internet illiterate” offends both the illiterate and the elderly in one swoop.

    And finally the “Obama is Jesus” offends every uncommitted Christian.

    Obama is about to die the death of a thousand cuts.

    And this is the view from a “mmber of the tribe”- your truly


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