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The Kremlin tore in to John McCain via his chief foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, on Saturday. The Russians, angry at McCain’s strong statement denouncing Russia’s invasion of Georgia, pointed out that Scheunemann had lobbied for American ally Georgia.

At the same time the Kremlin was attacking John McCain for Scheunemann’s ties to Georgia . . . you guessed it . . . Barack Obama’s campaign attacked McCain for Scheunemann’s connection to the Republic of Georgia.


Here, though, is the real kicker. Obama, embarrassed by his initial reaction, has had *to move toward McCain’s position.*

No word on when Obama will apologize to Randy Scheunemann for joining the Russians in smearing him.

It is also worth pointing out that Georgia is an American ally with whom we have military relations. Obama attacked a man who lobbies for an American ally.

Not all lobbyists are bad. Obama should know given the high number of lobbyists he surrounds himself with.

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  • Just Bush being Bush and in office is enough for the Russians to not push things to far. What’s scary is if Obama becomes President there is no way of knowing how Russia will act. They know the first thing he will do is sit down and try to talk all the awhile Russia will be planning to overthrow Poland.

  • I’m glad we’re covering what McCain and Obama are saying but frankly I’m more concerned about what President Bush is “doing”.

    What exactly is he doing? Writing a stern letter?

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