Can you feel the love tonight?


We’ve had a crazy month in the Erickson household.

The first week of July, Christy and Evelyn went to Illinois for family reunion.

The second week of July, I went to Washington for most of the week.

The third week of July, I went to Austin, TX for a conference for four days.

Last night, Evelyn was convinced I was going to leave again if I left her presence, so she insisted I sleep with her. She finally got still at one point and I tried to leave (I was working on 4 hours of sleep total). She woke up and started crying, “I want my daddy!”

Christy and I decided to violate our sleeping rule and we put Evelyn in bed with us. We do not let Evelyn sleep with us.

Last night she did. She laid next to me stroking my shoulder until I rolled over on my side. At that point, she put her feet in the small of my back, grabbed the tag on her pink bear with one hand and put that hand’s thumb in her mouth, and used her other hand to stroke my shoulder until she fell fast asleep.

At one point in the night she woke up to make sure I was there. I felt a hand on my neck and opened my eyes. She stared at me for just a second then rolled over and went back to sleep.

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