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The more you dig in to this, the more troubling it becomes.

In the 1996 election for the Illinois State Senate, Obama was running in a four way primary.

To make up ground, and pay attention here, to make up ground he sought the New Party endorsement as well. In that way, Obama calculated that he could get the Democratic left and the hard left to support him.

But Obama was running against Alice Palmer — she was already hardcore left. So, and again pay attention, Obama *went to the left* of a hard core leftist to win. That’s what he did by seeking the New Party endorsement.

Now here is where it gets interesting. At the beginning of 1996, Obama was able to get all of his opponents thrown off the ballot.

Mr. Hope and Change used the brass knuckles and ran uncontested as the Democratic nominee.

We’ve already established that the New Party had, by 1996, become the party of the hardcore leftist radicals — an amalgamation of communists, socialist, and other reds — in other words, not something acceptable to mainstream America.

Why then, if he then did not need the New Party’s support, did he keep up the relationship?

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