It’s Not Hypocrisy Barry. It’s Pointing Out How Full of Horse Manure You Are.


Barack Obama *says* “no lobbyists allowed.” Barack Obama *says* this applies to the DNC.

Of course, he has a problem.

While Senator Obama ordered the Democratic National Committee last week to stop taking donations from lobbyists, the co-chairman and lead fund-raiser for the host committee for the Denver convention, Steven Farber, is a lawyer and federally registered lobbyist with Brownstein Hyatt Farber & Schreck LLP, a firm with offices in Denver, Washington, and elsewhere.

Not only that, they’re a donor,” an advocate of tighter regulation of political funding, Stephen Weissman of the Campaign Finance Institute, said, pointing to the firm’s logo among several dozen “partners” on the host committee Web site.

This comes on the heels of me pointing out that two of the DNC’s vice-chairs are registered lobbyists.

So what is the Obama campaign going to do? They say John McCain is not allowed to talk about this. They say John McCain is hypocritical to harass Obama on this because he has so many connections to lobbyists.

Best I can figure, Obama must staff his campaign with high school dropouts because they very clearly don’t understand the meaning of the word hypocrisy. Hypocrisy means you, Barry, set standards that you, Barry, are failing to live up to.

Pointing out your hypocrisy is not itself hypocrisy — it’s actually shoot fish in barrel.

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  • Who the heck does he think George Soros is? Ok, technically he’s not a lobbyist, however, he’s doing the work of a lobbyist by funneling millions in support of Obama.

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