Under the Weather


Evelyn consistently says some of the funniest things. She calls the interstate the “interstay-ch” and calls mosquitos “skeeter bugs.” The other day, knowing full well what it was, pointed to the lawn mower and asked, “Daddy, what’s that?” I told her, “that’s the lawn mower. That’s what I cut the grass with.” She replied, “Yes, uh-huh. You need to go do that.”

Two days ago she ran in, after hearing the next door neighbor mowing her lawn, and said, “Daddy, that Tracy lady is cutting her grass. You need to go do that too.”

The grass ain’t that bad.

Christy is suffering terrible morning sickness. A lot of our friends keep saying we must be having a boy because morning sickness with Evelyn was not nearly so bad. On the way out the door this morning Evelyn asked where Christy was.

“Mommy isn’t feeling good this morning. She is under the weather,” I said.

“Is she under the rain?” Evie asked. “No.”

“Is she under the snow?” Evie asked. “No.”

“Is she under the thunder?” Evie asked. “No,” I chuckled.

“That’s just what we call it when someone is not feeling very well,” I explained.

“Daddy, that is so silly,” she laughed.

Does she have to grow up?

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  • I forget to mention that Mrs. Boykin is probably shaking her head over ” The grass ain’t that bad”. I sure miss her.

  • Erick, my dear, you SUCK! I had to hear that ya’ll were expecting again from EVELYN! I am so happy for ya’ll. I never had morning sickness with the twins, brag, brag, I did, however, think that I would die with Tyler. Gerald made me sick. His driving, his kiss goodnight…. You are in for a blessing. Evelyn sure is a cutie and so bright. Love you all and Christy is in my prayers!

  • My sister in law was violently ill and we ended up with a precious boy. Tell her to hang in there and let me know if she needs something!

  • Maybe she is having a boy because my youth minister’s wife had morning sickness really bad and had a boy.

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