Status Quo You Can Believe In


Obama claims to be the “change” candidate this year, but on healthcare he’s offering more of the same failed policies voters have previously rejected while slamming McCain for bold initiatives that would actually, you know, reduce health care costs and improve health insurance portability in this country.

Obama said that McCain “wants to give you the failed Bush health care policies for another four years.” He added that McCain would “shred” the employer-sponsored health care system and leave U.S. residents to “fend for yourself” in the free market.

More and more, I think, the GOP probably ought to just scrap the “small government” rhetoric that it so clearly does not believe in and voters no longer trust them on and make this an election about choices. They’ll still be advocating smaller government, but with different language.

Obama wants you to have no choice in your healthcare and John McCain wants to provide you ample opportunity to chose your own healthcare. Obama does not want you to have the freedom to leave an employer because you are shackled to your health insurance. McCain wants to give you the freedom to leave one job for another.

Oh, and let’s not forget this bit:

Pharmaceutical industry employees and PACs contributed $339,729 to Obama, $262,870 to Clinton and $74,850 to McCain during the same period.

Obama is not the candidate of hope and change. He’s the candidate of the liberal status quo dressed up in PMS 285. And if you think you have problems with your health insurance now, just wait for President Obama.

Post Office + Passport Division = Obama Healthcare Plan.

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