UGA Professors are Nutty


Resuming the conversation, why exactly is it controversial to invite a prominent member of the United States Supreme Court to give a commencement address?

You know, Justice Thomas brought this up a while back at a dinner at the Heritage Foundation a few of us were at and he pointed out that overwhelmingly it was always the professors who protested and incited the students. Certainly there are always going to be a few disgruntled students who find a reason to be unhappy, but by and large it’s the professors.

You know, what’s funny is that I’d be quite happy to hear a Bill Clinton or a Janet Reno or a Justice Stevens or heck, even a George McGovern. It’d be an honor, I would think, to be able to hear them share their wisdom, even if I profoundly disagreed with them. These are people of history.

But then there are the idle minds of college campuses who feel the need to get worked up over stuff.


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