The Brick Testament


Someone with too much time on their hands has set the Bible to legos.

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Erick Erickson

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  • Always with Scripture, it is most wise to get your own Bible and read for oneself the whole Word of God and to discuss any questions about Scripture with your pastor or someone well grounded in the Word, the whole Word of God. The Scriptures quoted with the Legos are not in their entirety; “jots and tittles” are left out, creating wrong and/or incomplete quotes. Having looked at the Legos pertaining to women, one gets the impression that the inventor of this questionable set of “building blocks” could be a Muslim or orthodox Jew sympathizer and not a true Christian. Very sad. Only with the whole Word of God in Sunday School, church day care, nurseries or in homes, should anyone even think of buying or using these Legos with children. “Word of mouth” and reading directly from God’s Word, are the best way to teach God’s Word. . . not toys.

Erick Erickson

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