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I’m on the front page of the Washington Times on Friday arguing that the President should not go to China for the Olympics.

Erick Erickson, founder of the conservative website, has enlisted readers of his site to sign a petition urging Mr. Bush to boycott the Olympics.

“We have people form every state of the union signing the petition,” Mr. Erickson told The Washington Times.

The petition said Mr. Bush “who has spent eight years liberating parts of the world from tyranny, should not give the seal of approval on China’s behavior — approval his presence at the Olympics would most certainly give to the Chinese people.”

“If American athletes want to compete in China, we wish them well and hope they crush their Chinese opponents under the heavy weight of many gold medals,” the petition adds. “But we call on the president to personally boycott Peking during the Olympics.”

Glad to see Pat Toomey and Tony Perkins in agreement. Tomorrow I’ll begin collecting the signatures of conservative leaders in D.C. on this issue.

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