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I asked a week ago if the voucher program that the City Council in Macon is considering is constitutional. The answer appears to be that it is. That leaves the problem of whether the solution is needed.

To refresh your memory, legislation has been offered up that would require organized recreational activities to participate in the city’s voucher program if the organizers want access to city parks. You can see the resolution, as it will be amended by the sponsor in committee, here.

In getting us to our committee hearing to consider the matter, which should have been yesterday, but will now be delayed until April 15th, I sent the Director of the City’s Parks and Recreation Department a letter posing a number of questions about the voucher program and the implications of the legislation. You can read that here. Mr. Fortson was kind enough to put his response to my questions in writing. I had actually expected to ask him all the questions in committee and wanted him to not be caught off guard. Instead, he answered me back and writing and you can see his response here.

I very much appreciate his responses and, frankly, while I did not know the answers already to my questions, I suspected that the answers would be as he gave.

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