I’ve lost count of the Obama lies, but here is another one involving his ties to Nadhmi Auchi, friend of Saddam


So, Michelle Obama tells a crowd “Barack’s a lawyer, I’m a lawyer, everybody we know are lawyers.”

Maybe *that* explains why he relies on so many half truths and half facts and denial, non-denails to skirt the issue of whether he is in fact lying. Here’s a new one he is going to have a hard time getting out of.

Soren filled you in on Nadmi Auchi, an associate of Saddam Hussein’s who helped Saddam in his rise to power. Obama attended a reception for Auchi at Tony Rezko’s house. Auchi gave Rezko a bunch of money shortly before Rezko subsidized Obama’s house purchase. Auchi later was convicted of fraud in France.

Naturally, Obama denied any association with Auchi and did not “remember” this whole party for Auchi. Yet again, we have an Obama lie.

Dem presidential contender Barack Obama’s handlers may be telling the press Obama has NO “recollection” of a 2004 party at influence peddler Tony Rezko’s Wilmette house, but a top Sneed source claims Obama not only gave Rezko’s guest of honor, Iraqi billionaire Nadhmi Auchi, a big welcome . . . but he made a few toasts!

Some of you are still dwelling on the bit about Michelle Obama saying everyone they know are lawyers. Yeah, that whole “I’m just like you guys” thing is another we can add to the lie list with the Auchi one.

Man I hope this guy beats Hillary.

Pinocchiobama strikes again.

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  • “So, Michelle Obama tells a crowd “Barack’s a lawyer, I’m a lawyer, everybody we know are lawyers.”

    The logic here is that lawyer have some inherent untrustworthiness.

    Nicely done Erick Erickson Esq. What does that say about you?

    Time and time again you seem to wallow in the gutter and love sending your politics there.

    American Conservatism is in a great state with people such as yourself being its proponents.

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