If at first, second, third, and fourth you don’t succeed, just copy the pro-2nd Amendment Crowd


Some group I’ve never heard of called the American Hunters and Shooters Association has endorsed Obama. Why would a pro-2nd amendment group endorse a man who would find the District of Columbia’s gun ban constitutional?

Well, they’d endorse him because they are not a pro-2nd amendment organization and neither is Obama. As we see repeatedly on the left, when they can’t compete on the same playing field, they try to mimic the right — sincerest form of flattery and all that.

Just who is this AHSA (pronounced “ass-hat” I believe)? Well, via Ace we go to S. Weasel who tells us that AHSA

was founded in 2005 by Ray Schoenke, a Kos diarist who, in fairness, really does shoot ducks, apparently. At least, most of his conversations seem to take place in a duck blind.


The AHSA domain was originally registered to DCS, a Democrat new media operation, but they must have realized that didn’t look good.

Also not looking so good? Having John Rosenthal, once Chairman of the Massachusetts gun-grabbers Stop Handgun Violence, on the board.

Then, of course, there is their endorsement record to stand on. In 2006, the AHSA endorsed Claire McCaskill in Missouri for “her strong support for public lands.” In both 2004 and 2006, the NRA gave McCaskill an “F” rating for her lack of support for gun owners. The major backers of AHSA also are donors to Handgun Control, Inc.

Putting this all in context: Obama opposes the 2nd amendment, until he ran for President he was always on record opposing the second amendment, but now to give him cover the left is using an anti-2nd amendment group that they are calling a hunters rights group to give Obama cover. Naturally, the media is treating this group as a legitimate organization.

Oh, and Schoenke, the Kossack founder of AHSA, is a regular contributor to Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Ted Kennedy. Do you really want to rely on them to support your 2nd amendment rights? And if they support Obama, can you trust him on gun rights?


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