Well, not really, but I wanted to get your attention and point you to this comment that demands my resignation for bringing down the site.

I have to say that in the past three weeks there has been a growing cry from commenters for my resignation. They all have a common set of traits:

(1) They claim to be conservatives;

(2) They generally are re-created accounts from banned lefty trolls;

(3) They are all virulent Obama supporters who demand my resignation for pointing out Obama’s lies and actions

This tells me that (A) I am doing my job right, (B) the Obama veneer is cracking so rapidly the left that had invested so heavily in him is getting worried and (C) I have indispensable friends and colleagues in people like Moe Lane and the number of readers who engage these silly trolls without actually feeding them.

Oh, and you lefty trolls who demand my resignation for showing Obama for who he is and shattering your naive world view after you’ve bought into hope and change like a little girl wanting a lollipop bringing down the quality of the site really, really inspire me.