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I wrote this post at RedState this morning urging the President to personally boycott China. As I say in the post

If American athletes want to compete in China, we wish them well and hope they crush their Chinese opponents under the heavy weight of many gold medals. But we call on the President of the United States of America to personally boycott Peking during the Olympics. His presence would serve as a propaganda tool for the regime just as assuredly the lack of his presence will be noticed by the freedom loving people of China suffering Peking’s communist boot on the back of their necks.

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  • Last night I listened to Dennis Miller, who suggested all the teams enter the stadium wearing the crimson-red robes of Tibetan monks….that’s better than a hand-held sign!

  • I disagree. Everyone SHOULD attend opening ceremonies…..and CARRY SIGNS denouncing Chinese human rights abuses.

    What would the Chinese be able to do at that point? It would be in their faces as the teams march around the stadium in front of worldwide tv coverage.

  • I agree, UNLESS Bush would actually be willing to go and call them out on the human rights abuse that is running rampant in China and by China. Of course, he will not do that, so I hope that he stays away.

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