Barack Obama’s spine is apparently made of jello. No wonder the guy’s wife has never been proud of America and thinks people are really mean. Heck, her husband is ready to hand the keys to the nation over to China and welcome them as our communist overlords.

While Clinton is out urging the President to boycott China, Obama refuses to do so. Why? Because he doesn’t want to offend our banker.

“It’s very hard to tell your banker that he’s wrong,” Obama said, after talking about the need to restore America’s stance in the world, “And if we are running huge deficits and big national debts and we’re borrowing money constantly from China, that gives us less leverage. It give us less leverage to talk about human rights, it also is giving us less leverage to talk about the uneven trading relationship that we have with China.”

Here’s the deal Barack: as one of the other contributors here said the other day, when you owe the bank $1 million, the bank owns you. When you owe the bank $1 trillion, you own the bank.

If Hillary were smart, she’d play this up huge in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

If Barack Obama will not stand up to the Chinese for their persecution of Christians, Tibetans, Falun Gong, and their persecution of people in general who speak out against their government, he is not fit to lead the land of the free and home of the brave.

Why? Because if Barack Obama is too intimidated by a bunch of communist Chinese, he is a wuss.